Trion explores a snowy Rift in a new video

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Trion explores a snowy Rift in a new video
Trion Worlds examines the new Rift: Planes of Telara dungeon called Abyssal Precipice in a new trailer featured after the break. Temperal rifts have torn apart the world of Telara with each unleashing a new, exciting, and dangerous adventure. Today, we examine the adventure atop the Roof of Telara.

In the spires of the mountains of the Iron Pines, the cultists of the Abyssal seek to awaken the cephalon of Akylios. This ancient evil from the Age of Dragons is said to know the location of the Profane One, as the people of Telara call Akylios. All life on the Planes of Telara pray the Abyssal are not successful in discovering the location of the cephalon. The world is counting on you to listen to your call of duty. Only a climb to the snow-covered spires will prevent an imminent destruction. If you fail, Talara will be engulfed in the cold and chaos. Do not let the cephalon be found. Do not let the cultist unchain Akylios.

Take a look at full trailer after the break. Maybe you will be the next hero on the Planes of Telara. Your journey begins through the next Rift!
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