Call of Duty DLC to be Activision's 'largest digital offering ever'

Activision's CFO Thomas Tippl has promised at an industry conference in New York that 2011 will bring the company's "largest digital offering ever" in the form of DLC for the Call of Duty franchise. Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg made a similar statement last week, saying that Activision would offer "the Call of Duty community our largest line of an exciting new digital content ever." That could just be lots of new maps and content packs to download, or it could finally be the long-rumored subscription-based service Activision reportedly wants to put in place.

Either way, if you were one of the many, many people who shelled out $60 for Call of Duty: Black Ops earlier this week, Activision says not to put your wallet away just yet -- it's got some other offers coming soon that you might want to take advantage of.