HTC Media Link DLNA media streamer dances through the FCC with 802.11n WiFi

This certainly isn't the first media streamer we've seen but the very fact that this non-smartphone sports HTC branding makes our hearts flutter with curious anticipation. HTC's Media Link (model DH H100) just made its appearance in the FCC putting it right on schedule for a Q4 release. It tested on 802.11n WiFi at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz for wirelessly streaming (DLNA) photos, audio, and video up to 720p to your HDMI connected TV. Otherwise, you can always tether that HTC handset to the microUSB jack. We're not seeing any mention of the rumored "Tube" product name -- perhaps that was the internal codename and the more mundane (but descriptive) Media Link moniker will stick for retail. We should see lickity quick now that US certification is done.