Mega Hurtz gun-wielding robot has a menacing look, unfortunate name

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|11.11.10

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Mega Hurtz gun-wielding robot has a menacing look, unfortunate name
Sure, we know how this works: cities need to justify their budgets for continued funding from state and national governments, so they buy expensive -- and often unnecessary -- high-tech toys for their police. And when your town's ready to make that transition from Barney Fife to SWAT, why not call Inspector Bots? The paramilitary nature of its Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot isn't softened by the delicious pun in its name, and if you don't believe us ask any nogoodnik who's had to face down its turret-mounted 20RPS Modified Mil-Sim Paintball Gun / Assault Rifle, capable of firing off twenty non-lethal (but extremely painful) pepperball rounds per second. The beast is billed as a "heavy duty 280 lb two-man-portable monster" that can record audio and video, be controlled by a remote operator, and has night vision capability. But that ain't all! Not only does it feature a welded steel chassis designed to demolish doors and concrete walls, it also looks really awesome in the video... even if it doesn't make the streets safer. See for yourself after the break.

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