Rock Band, Dance Central DLC 'ongoing work' not affected by Viacom sale

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Rock Band, Dance Central DLC 'ongoing work' not affected by Viacom sale
After seeing this morning's news of Viacom selling developer Harmonix, many of you were concerned about the company's persistent work in supporting its products with downloadable content.

Harmonix has responded to our inquiry, stating, "This morning's announcement does not affect the ongoing work at the studio as we continue to support our existing franchises, Rock Band and Dance Central. As stated earlier, Viacom is in discussions with several potential buyers and will continue to fully support the business until a sale is completed." The developer plans to continue answering outstanding questions on its forum on this thread.

We also contacted Viacom and MTV Games regarding the status of the licenses for the music store and whether they'll transfer with Harmonix once the company is sold. A Viacom spokesperson informed Joystiq, "All we can say at this point is that Rock Band and Dance Central DLC will continue as planned and we will continue to fully support their releases."

Update: Added Viacom quote.
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