TUAW's Daily App: Stenches

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.11.10

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TUAW's Daily App: Stenches
We talked to Thunder Game Works way back at this year's WWDC, and they mentioned that they were working on a zombie version of their popular Trenches war strategy game for the iPhone. And it's now out on the App Store. Stenches is much like Trenches in that you guide a group of World War I soldiers through the trenches, but it's unlike Trenches in that it's fully focused on killing zombies. There are over 200 different levels to fight through, special zombie bosses made just for the game, an unlimited mode to fight on through, and everything else you may have played in Trenches. If you didn't play Trenches, you might want to give it a try anyway -- it's a unique little twist on real-time strategy that features some real depth in the action gameplay as well as a grim sense of humor and style.

Stenches is only US$1.99, and for that price, you get both the game and future updates, which will include more game modes, co-op and competitive play, and some more zombie bosses to tangle with. The current game also has Game Center integration, so your friends can check your progress on achievements as well. Great game -- definitely check it out.
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