Bleach: Soul Ignition brings franchise to PS3

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Andrew Yoon
November 13th, 2010
Bleach: Soul Ignition brings franchise to PS3
It only took seven Heat the Soul games on the PSP before Sony decided to bring the popular Shonen Jump manga & anime series to the PS3. Soul Ignition is the first Sony-published Bleach game for the PS3, and although details are slim, it appears that at least three of the main characters will have a starring role: Ichigo, Rukia and Ishida.

Soul Ignition isn't set to be released until 2011, and it's likely to remain a Japan-only release. Sony has -- for reasons unknown to us -- refused to localize any of its Bleach games thus far. Thankfully, like its PSP predecessors, this should be an easy find at an import store.

[Thanks, AriesWarlock!]
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