Another Mog Bonanza coming to Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.17.10

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Another Mog Bonanza coming to Final Fantasy XI
The Mog Bonanza is coming back for another celebration of a new year in Final Fantasy XI, giving players the chance to earn insane prizes without doing anything more arduous than guessing a number correctly. Of course, it's a five-digit number that you only get one real shot at guessing right, so there's a good cause behind the quality of prizes -- mountains of gil, Empyrean weapons, and unique furnishings for your in-game home.

As with prior events, you get prizes as long as you guess the last number correctly, with better prizes awarded the more digits you get correct. Marbles go on sale for the price of 2000 gil starting on December 22nd, and with a grand total of 10 marbles per character, you can at least ensure that you wind up winning a statue -- or try to go for broke with maximum possible earnings. Take a look at the full list of prizes on the official site, and start guessing your numbers now, as it's a chance to earn fantastic Final Fantasy XI prizes for just a little bit of work.
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