Project Skylight puts Second Life right into your browser

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.17.10

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Project Skylight puts Second Life right into your browser
When most people (who don't play) think of Second Life, they don't have a terribly flattering picture in their head. That's neither fair nor even-handed, but it's hard to convince someone to download a new game and install it on the basis that it might be better than expected. So it's a good thing all around that Project Skylight, a new viewer for the game, is now available. It's a viewer with a crucial difference -- it's a browser-based client that allows players to start tooling around immediately with no prior installation.

According to players, the client works well enough, albeit with some caveats such as a limited amount of time allowed per day. The service is clearly aimed at new players, as a 45-second promotional video plays before the client can be accessed, and players can only log in using guest accounts. That being said, it's a full client inside your web browser, requiring no extra setup or commitment beyond the willingness to try the game. Second Life fans should be happy, but people who have never tried the game should be happier, as it just got easier to see if the virtual world might be the place for them.
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