The big, bad Black Friday game deals post

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The big, bad Black Friday game deals post
Update: Follow our coverage of Cyber Monday deals from across the web.

Here it is. Home base. This is the page from which you plot your Black Friday assault on retail. Or ... Is it the other way around?
Best Buy GameStop Kmart
Sears Target Walmart
Meet the "Big Six" -- the most prominent, national retailers to feature big, bad-ass Black Friday game sales. Go ahead -- click them! Highlights include:
  • Best Buy: Family-friendly, custom console bundles [more details]
  • GameStop: Pre-owned merch that's even more affordable [more details]
  • Kmart: Bonus credit with most console purchases [more details]
  • Sears: Order consoles (safely) online, then pick up after the mob has thinned [more details]
  • Target: Solid sales on solid games (or store credit with purchase) [more details]
  • Walmart: Is that a Medal of Honor in the PS3 Uncharted 2 bundle, and $10 Greatest Hits? [more details]
So your favorite store isn't one of the Big Six -- don't fret ... yet. Many nationwide retailers are offering Black Friday game sales. And while we wouldn't recommend hitting any of the stores listed below if games are your number-one priority, you could still score some solid finds from these places -- in addition to your primary needs (reams of paper, is it?). Here are some of the, um, "highlights":
  • Big Lots: "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" on $10 games (that you'd expect to be $10) [ad scan]; or grab EA Sports Active ... 1 for $25 [ad scan]
  • Costco: If you consider tubs of chips, dip and cheese doodles must-have accessories, then you could probably come up with some great "gaming" deals here -- and a free cookbook, too [ad scan]
  • Kohl's: 30% off "entire stock" of (wow -- that's a piss-poor stock of) Wii and DS games [ad scan]; and 30–50% off of all, random accessories [ad scan]
  • OfficeMax: 15% off all Wii, DS, 360 and PSP games (from that bargain bin by the checkout) [ad scan]
  • Old Navy: "very limited" supplies of Dance Central, free with minimum $25 purchase [more details]
  • RadioShack: $130 PSP-3000 bundle with LBP and Will Smith's Karate Kid (UMD) [more details]
  • Sam's Club: Black Wii system bundle with Mario Kart, a second black Wiimote & Nunchuck set, and a pair of Wii Wheels forced on you for $300 [ad scan]
  • Toys R Us: "Buy 1, Get 1 for $5" on a decent selection of recent games [more details]

We totally get it -- we like regional flavor, too. Not to mention, supporting the semi-little guys is, like, a good thing to do. Right? Anyway, consider our disclaimer about the "other" national retailers in effect for these regional outfits, as well. Not the best game deals, but still a "good" buy:
  • AJWright: Sort through "assorted" $5 games and accessories [ad scan]; or grab a $20 5-pack of Dark Sector–quality 360 games [ad scan]
  • BJ's: $50 off core PS3, 360 and Wii system bundles [ad scan]
  • Fred's: Deal? Or no deal? "Buy 1, Get 1 50% off" on "select" Wii and DS games starting at $20 [ad scan]
  • Gander Mountain: Have a look at this outdoor shop's "entire stock of electronic gaming," 20% off [ad scan]
  • Hastings: $20 savings on a solid selection of recent games; but don't overlook those free coupons (a $200 "value") with purchase of a PS3, 360 or Wii [complete ad scan]
  • Meijer: Get a $50 gift card with purchase of a Wii or PS3 holiday system bundle; use the $50 gift card to purchase a select game and receive a $30 gift card; use the $30 gift card to purchase a select game and receive a $30 gift card; use the ... [more details]
  • Micro Center: Standard, $200 4GB 360 with Halo: Reach tossed in [complete ad scan]
  • ShopKo: The Wii isn't on sale at $200, but don't you dare scoff at that free Intec Resort Vacation Pack Accessory, with purchase [ad scan]

If you've read this far than you must be a really savvy shopper, unswayed by those feeble brick-and-mortar pitches. The truth is we're not tempted by any of those deals, either -- at least not enough to face up against the tired, desperate mobs of Thanksgiving-stuffed spenders. No, we'd much rather take our chances online. Here are some of the sites to keep any eye on for potential gaming steals:
Isn't digital distribution wonderful? What about .. discounted digital distribution? Now that's just downright stupendous!
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