Marvell prototypes a few good Android tablets, we go hands-on

It's a precarious time to show off new tech at this point -- can't make it to stores in time for holidays, guaranteed to get more exposure if debuted at January's Consumer Electronics Show. Not that Marvell cares, since its expertise is semiconductors -- the stuff with which OEM's dreams are made. The company was on hand at Pepcom showing off some reference designs for HD tablets with Android 2.2: 10-inch, 1280 x 780 resolution, and an Armada 600 chip. Reportedly it can also output to two external monitors, but all we got to see was one hooked up mirroring our game of Angry Birds. Thin and light, if a bit flimsy in its prototype form. We've been told the reference design has been used for a handful of products that'll show up on the CES show floor. Also on hand were a couple of more education-targeted slates with Armada 100 chips and price points planned in the $100 range (Moby, OLPC, is that you?). Check out our hands-on pics below! %Gallery-107823%