NCsoft explains Aion siege timer changes

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.20.10

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NCsoft explains Aion siege timer changes
Amidst all the G-Star news coming out this week, as well as Aion's own upcoming double XP bonanza, you might have missed a fairly significant gameplay change that NCsoft has slipped onto the live servers. In a very brief news blurb on the official site (which links to an image graphic hosted on Flickr), the Korean MMO developer answers the question that many Daevas have been asking of late, namely, what are the new siege times.

As it turns out, they're quite different and will no doubt affect Abyss PvP in numerous ways. For example, prime time fortress sieges used to happen in a three-hour window, which pretty much meant that if you committed to attacking or defending, you missed out on Dredgion groups and basically any other content going on for that particular night. Now, the siege timers are staggered. In addition to the timers being reduced to two hours, there's also an hour block in between, which should give players time to do things other than siege on any given night.

Additionally, the previous fortress vulnerabilities were a convoluted mess, with a mixture of upper and lower forts going on at once. Now, the vulnerable forts will be on a single layer, and there will also be five vulnerable forts simultaneously as opposed to three. This should lead to new strategies, as the zerg will no longer be able to bum-rush three locations at once, and there will theoretically be more sustained fighting going throughout the Abyss.
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