WarDevil not canceled after all, will now live on as 'Project Kane'

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WarDevil not canceled after all, will now live on as 'Project Kane'
Ignition has decided against canceling WarDevil, a game that has been in development at the publisher's London studio for five years now, despite earlier reports to the contrary. Instead, the game will live on under the title "Project Kane" -- a title to which we've heard references before. WarDevil and Project Kane are now combined into one project at the London studio, with a projected launch date of Q4 2011.

The London studio was to be shuttered back in September, but Ignition changed its mind the next month. The studio lives on and will continue developing the game under its new title. Ignition was also forced to shutter its Florida office this month, which was knee-deep in development of a sci-fi FPS called Reich.
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UTV Ignition Entertainment

Fast-Tracks 3rd person adventure title 'Project Kane' from its London studio

London, UK Nov 18th 2010: UTV Ignition Entertainment today announce the conclusion of its studio review for the third-person action title, War Devil, now to be called 'Project Kane'.

"Following a comprehensive audit of the title, assets and internal team, we have decided that a core team responsible for the Project Kane prototype will take the game into full production, led by the key vision holders," commented Hassan Sadiq, group chairman of UTV Ignition.

"There has been speculation recently about this project but our vision has always been to create top quality content both with internal and external partners and this latest commitment combines the best of the DNA behind the original project vision with some of the creative talent available in the broader industry. Outsourcing ensures flexibility and broader expertise that will dovetail perfectly with internal skill sets to speed up the process and ensure a title of true excellence."

London Executive Producer Shaun Gwilliam will lead the management team. The Design Director Julian Glover added: "We have cherry picked from some of the world's best teams to build our UK studio which includes personnel whose combined previous development credits include Burnout 3, Crysis, Little BigPlanet, and Heavenly Sword. We are extremely excited to fast-track development of Project Kane."

We are currently on track to deliver against the projected release date of Q4/2011
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