Apricorn's Mac Array puts 512GB of RAIDed SSD into a single Mac Pro PCIe slot

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.20.10

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Apricorn's Mac Array puts 512GB of RAIDed SSD into a single Mac Pro PCIe slot
So, the whole wide world knows that the inside of your Mac Pro is fairly lust-worthy, but what's the use if you never crack open the side and install anything new? Apricorn -- a small, albeit respected name in storage -- has just concocted what may be the best reason yet to do precisely that. The outfit's new Mac Array is pretty straightforward: you'll get a foursome of 128GB MLC Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSDs strung together in a RAID 0 configuration, all on a single full-length PCIe X4 slot. That's 512GB of pure, unadulterated SSD power connected directly to the motherboard, and considering that it only takes up a single slot, there's nothing but a shortage of funds keeping you from adding a couple more and grinning over a 1.5TB SSD solution. A single Mac Array promises read rates of 760MB/sec and write rates of 524MB/sec, and if you double up, you'll see those surge to 1408MB/sec and 1027MB/sec, respectively. It's available now to make your every dream come true -- yeah, even that one about you dropping $1,499 on a new storage setup for your Apple desktop.
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