Brace your wallets: GameStop's Black Friday catalog released

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Brace your wallets: GameStop's Black Friday catalog released
Okay, gang. We've seen what the other, non-video game-oriented retailers will have to offer next week during the holiday shopocalypse known as Black Friday -- now let's see what the big dog has to show. GameStop's catalog of doorbusters and all-day deals recently arrived online, detailing the post-Thanksgiving bundles, discounts and freebies being offered by the ludological retailer.

There's a lot to soak in, but here's some highlights. Check out a scan of GameStop's full list of offers in the gallery below!

  • Buy any two used games or accessories, get one used game or accessory of equal or lesser value free
  • 4GB Xbox 360 console bundle ($199) -- includes a free copy of Madden 11 or Medal of Honor
  • Wii console bundle ($199) -- includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Just Dance
  • Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Wii bundle ($199) -- includes Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • 160GB PS3 console bundle ($299) -- includes God of War Collection and God of War III
  • Pre-owned Xbox 360 classic model for $99.99
  • Pre-owned Wii for $99.99
  • PSP-3000 Holiday bundle ($129) -- includes LittleBigPlanet and The Karate Kid on UMD
  • inFamous, Killzone 2, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time or Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for $14.99
  • Fallout: New Vegas (360), Fable 3 or Halo: Reach for $39.99
  • Buy World of Warcraft for $4.99, get a free $5 gift card (wait, what?)
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