Microsoft closing Halo Wars website, folding into Waypoint community

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Microsoft closing Halo Wars website, folding into Waypoint community
Avid Halo Wars players, whose attention hasn't been swayed by 2010's exhaustive list of strategy blockbusters, were greeted with some unwelcome news this past weekend: The game's stat tracking home, as well as its official forums, will be shut down on December 15. The loyal community is being persuaded to move its conversation over to the Halo Waypoint forums. On the same day as the closure, an update will launch for Halo Wars, forever severing it from the soon-to-be-discontinued website.

The update will also remedy a few Theater mode issues that were keeping players from viewing cutscenes, but, according to 343's content producer, "it won't include many of the fixes that we all wanted it to include." As you can imagine, the responses on said post are well-measured, even-headed and entirely polite. There's just this air of understanding permeating the entire discussion that's ... well, it's really inspiring.
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