Regulators perturbed by Comcast's executive reshuffling, NBC Universal takeover to blame

Hold your horses, Bubsy. While it looked like there were but a few Is to dot and Ts to cross before Comcast's takeover of NBC Universal was official, folks in high places are now shaking their heads at a recent decision by the carrier. As the story goes, Comcast and NBC Universal are still in talks with the government over the proposed takeover, and it seems that a few wires were crossed in recent days; Comcast decided to announce a new management slate for NBC Universal just a few days ago, despite the fact that the takeover hasn't actually been green-lit. According to an inside report over at The New York Times, one unnamed official in Washington had this to say: "For a deal this large, and one that hasn't been approved, Comcast's behavior is presumptuous and arrogant." Of course, it's not like this trigger-pulling in and of itself is reason for the whole deal to collapse, but it certainly won't make things any easier on either company. So much for taking on those new roles (and accompanying raises) prior to Turkey Day, huh?