Delta's JFK terminal goes iPad crazy

Back in the day, it was not uncommon to sit down in a booth at a diner and find a box with lists of songs that you could browse and play back through the jukebox. Fast forward to 2010, and the Delta Airlines terminal at New York City's John F. Kennedy airport. With most people carrying a jukebox in their pocket, eateries like Croque Madame have installed Apple iPads in the booths that allow travelers to place food orders, check their email or read the news while waiting for their connection.

OTG Management is installing as many as 200 iPads in the Delta JFK terminal and plans to do the same at LaGuardia soon as well. Since travelers typically have limited time before they have to catch flights, OTG isn't implementing any time limits, but hopefully they are putting some sort of anti-bacterial, anti-grease screen protectors on the tablets. Considering how many people go through major airports, using a touch-dependent device like the iPad in an area where people are eating probably isn't for the germophobic.

[Via Engadget]