iPhone gets UberTwitter client, BlackBerrys have one less reason to exist

If the name UberTwitter sounds familiar, that'll be because it's one of the more popular mobile Twitter clients, accounting for 10 million tweets each day from BlackBerry users around the globe. And now it's also available on the iPhone. Citing the "growing dominance" of Apple's one-device-to-rule-them-all mobile platform, the UberTwitter crew has decided to expand its offering with a new open beta, which is available to download now. The major distinguishing feature being touted is something called UberView, which allows access to links within tweets without exiting the app or opening up a new window within it. Looks a pretty slick idea, but there are still some early issues to be ironed out -- as with all beta iterations -- and a final v1.0 should be ready to do battle with Twitter's official app by the middle of December.

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ŰberTwitter, the world's most widely used Twitter app for sending and reading tweets, announced today that a beta version of ŰberTwitter for iPhone is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Until now, ŰberTwitter has been exclusive to RIM's BlackBerry devices, where it was one of the first Twitter client apps to be available for the platform and set the standard for features and functionality. Today, more than nine million users have downloaded ŰberTwitter, and they send approximately 10 million tweets a day with the app.

In addition to traditional Twitter client features – such as composing and sending tweets, retweeting, direct messaging and embedded link shortening – ŰberTwitter for iPhone offers an important new feature called ŰberView that makes reading tweets faster and easier. Either by tapping the tweet in portrait mode or turning the phone to landscape mode, users will be able to view and use content from any embedded link (e.g., webpage, photo or video) instantly without leaving the app or opening a new page within it. Over 10,000 people have already downloaded the current beta release and are providing great feedback. The version 1.0 full production release will be available by mid-December, and will incorporate many of the suggestions made by the beta users, as well as a number of other features.

"Given the iPhone's growing dominance among smartphone users, we wanted to extend our product offering to its users while making sure our app offered features that would complement the platform's unique functionality," said Paul McDonald, CEO of ŰberTwitter. "For instance, ŰberView will enhance the way users consume content. As more tweets become vehicle for sharing articles, photos and videos, this feature will become ever more indispensable."

"One of the most important aspects of the new ŰberTwitter for iPhone is ŰberView," said Sean Callihan, CEO of Plixi. "Plixi serves millions of images every month to ŰberTwitter users, and our business is all about creating easier and more intuitive ways for customers to share and view images. With ŰberView, ŰberTwitter has once again demonstrated their leadership in the Twitter client space, this time on the iPhone platform."

Additionally, ŰberTwitter will continue to encourage its users to share their suggestions for new features as it did with its original Blackberry offering. Within the app, there is a button where users can submit their ideas, and the feedback will be used to prioritize development efforts on some of the remaining, popular features of the BlackBerry version that have yet to be added to the iPhone beta version.

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