Steam dishing daily deals over Thanksgiving weekend

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Steam dishing daily deals over Thanksgiving weekend
You know, not all Black Friday shopping bonanzas require you to put yourself in danger of getting thrown under the feet of thrift-hungry mobs -- some, like the Steam "Give & Get" sale, let you access discounts from the comfort of your safe house. The digital distributor is offering a new batch of deals every day, starting today, until Monday, November 29, including discounted games and heavily discounted "gift packs" -- for example, today, you can grab ten copies of Half-Life 2 for you and your chums for $20.

We suppose you could also buy ten copies of Half Life 2 for yourself, but ... that would kind of go against the reason for the season, wouldn't it? Speaking of, on each day of the sale, Valve will randomly pull 30 usernames out of its magical hat and gift said users with the top five games on their wish lists (of at least ten games). You do have a wish list, don't you?
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