The Daily Grind: Which of the deadly sins have you committed in MMOs lately?

You know the seven deadly sins, right? The "Devil's Most Wanted" that pop up in Morgan Freeman movies from time to time? If nothing else, the seven deadly sins are an instructional list of words like "sloth" that nobody uses on a daily basis.

Since we tend to take our real-world failings into virtual space, it stands to reason that our bad habits follow as well. So which of the seven deadly sins have you committed in MMOs as of late? Let's run down the list:

  • Wrath: Have you wigged out on your guild, engaged in nerd rage, or cussed out your PUG?

  • Greed: Are you never satisfied with your wealth and gear, but always need more, more, more?

  • Pride: Do people know you as "that player who's always waving around his or her e-peen"?

  • Lust: If there's a naked elf dancing on a mailbox, do you stop to look -- and take screenshots?

  • Sloth: Are you too lazy to get off your butt and finish that major project in game that you've been putting off?

  • Envy: Do you constantly find yourself on edge because other players have the cool uber-loot that you lack?

  • Gluttony: Have you played a little too much -- OK, way too much -- when you know you have other things to be doing?

Confess, my child. Confess and clear your virtual soul!

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