Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX (aka ZP2KX) is the latest Xbox Live Indie from Dishwasher dev

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Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX (aka ZP2KX) is the latest Xbox Live Indie from Dishwasher dev
Dishwasher: Dead Samurai developer Ska Studios knows how to make a game stand out on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace; afterall, it's the same rule that applies to just about every successful video game in the history of the art form. Add zombies.

Ska's Xbox Live Indie debut was I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 which, despite its humble origins and unique spelling, managed to sell 308K copies as of last August. At $1 a pop, after Microsoft's 30% cut, that leaves a healthy $215K – not a bad take for the one-person shop. For his Xbox Live Indie Games followup, Ska Studios' James Silva is playing fast and loose. Gone are the old days when it was as simple as making a game with zombies in it. That's just not enough anymore. Enter: Pterodactyls.

Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX (or, as they'd like you to abbreviate it, ZP2KX) appears to be a multiplayer-focused title with staples such as jetpacks, capture the flag, deadly rainbows and Africanized bee-ammunition. And like Z0MB1ES, ZP2KX will be just $1 when it's released next week during the indie-organized (and seasonally co-opted!) "Indie Games Winter Uprising." Full press and trailer after the break.%Gallery-108144%
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Pterodactyls To Release Human Recruiting War Game: ZP2KX
Pterodactyls - hell-bent on creating human versus zombie war for their own twisted enjoyment - will be releasing ZP2KX to Xbox LIVE Indie Games this December as a means of recruiting new human participants.

Pterodactyl'opolis - November 24, 2010 - Fearing a shortage of combatants for their real-world human versus zombie "death matches," pterodactyls convinced developer Ska Studios to create an indie game that some are calling "outrageous war propaganda". Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX (also known as ZP2KX) is the controversial game that pterodactyls hope will entice gamers to join their wildly entertaining, highly unethical humans versus zombies battles. ZP2KX will release to Xbox LIVE Indie Games during Indie Games Winter Uprising the week of November 28th for 80 Microsoft points. And even though the pterodactyls' main objective is to recruit new combatants, their decision to charge 80 points was made because they too have to earn a living.

Just released ZP2KX documentation reads as a sale pitch that is clearly marketed to appeal to gamers. The documentation reads: "Players can take their jetpacks online to splatter fools with blades, guns, grenades and other instruments of mayhem, all in a world where rainbows are deadly weapons and Africanized bees are used as ammunition. Game unlocks, character customization, earned XP and special skills are just a small sampling of what ZP2KX has to offer, so don't miss out on this Xbox LIVE enabled kill fest of FUN! VIOLENCE! DESTRUCTION!"

When asked about their controversial involvement in the development of such war propaganda, Ska Studios responded; "We're in the business of creating the finest, most immersive indie games ever. That has always been and will forever be our goal. ZP2KX is just that, a quality indie game that is pure entertainment and we cannot be held responsible for what gamers do outside of that experience. All hail the Pterodactyl King."

For more information on the controversial, pterodactyl-financed ZP2KX, gamers are encouraged to visit www.zp2kx.com. All hail the Pterodactyl King.
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