Tokyoflash brings RPM LED wristwatch concept to reality (video)


, purveyor of all things awesome when it comes to watches, has just unveiled its latest addition. If you're of the eagle-eyed variety, you've probably spotted it just to the right (or after the break in video form). The difference between this fellow and most of the timepieces found here is pretty simple: the RPM LED watch started as a fan render. Over the months, the company took this grand idea and made it a reality, now offering it to anyone with more money than sense. The operation is semi-simple -- the inner ring shows the hour, while the outer ring shows the minutes. There's a group of five LEDs at the top that further explains the latter, and we're hearing that the band itself pushes the IQ of the wearer higher by 12 to 15 points. Even if confirmed by a respected panel of mad scientists, we still say it's not worth the $208.42 asking price, but you're obviously free to disagree vehemently.

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