Valve Store offering deals on merchandise, adding new Left 4 Dead plushes

Today's batch of daily Steam weekend deals is pretty radical, decimating the prices of jams like The Ball, World of Goo and The Orange Box -- however, you shouldn't ignore the other big sale Valve is currently hosting. Dozens of shirts, hats and other pieces of merchandise from the company's titles are currently on sale through The Valve Store. Many pieces of apparel are temporarily marked down to just five bucks; that's some cheap holiday shopping for your more game-savvy acquaintances.

If you can hold off from capitalizing on these offers, you might be interested in two new items which will soon arrive on the Valve Store's virtual shelves -- plushes modeled after Left 4 Dead's gnarliest foes, the Hunter and Tank. You'll be able to place these bad boys next to your equally squeezable (and upsetting) Boomer plush when they go on sale in late December.