Apple, ASUS top PC World satisfaction survey

Apple has garnered yet another win in a customer satisfaction survey -- this time it's PC World conferring the honors onto Cupertino, as Apple has topped both the laptop and desktop categories for most reliable and well-supported computer products. PC World says that Apple also did well in its smartphone category (with, of course, the iPhone), but that the antenna issues and a few other problems with the iPhone kept it from being listed at the top of the category. Still, PC World has nothing but praise for Apple, which is well-known both for solid, perfectly built hardware and a software experience that rules out as many questions as possible.

This, of course, fits everything we've heard anecdotally about Apple in the past -- while there are sometimes issues from computer to computer or in certain experiences at the Apple Store, most of Apple's products are extremely reliable. Even when they're not, 9 times out of 10 we'll hear about Apple just outright replacing them for customers, under warranty or otherwise.

ASUS also joined Apple at the top of the survey for both desktops and notebooks, and down at the bottom, PC World says that Dell and HP both show "troubling" figures for customer support. Both of those companies still saw increased earnings this past year, but problems in their customer support departments and cheaply made hardware have earned them reputations for trouble.