Pirates of the Burning Sea now sailing the free-to-play seas

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Pirates of the Burning Sea now sailing the free-to-play seas
The time has come for freewheeling free-to-play fun on the seas of adventure. Today marks the official relaunch of Pirates of the Burning Sea after a long period of bug fixing, tons of beta testing, and a series of upgrades to the game. If you're in the mood for some seafarin' scalawag scuffles, you risk nothing beyond a download and some gaming time. Definitely can't beat that pricetag for pirate goodness.

For those who haven't been keeping up on the news from Pirates of the Burning Sea, have no fear! We've gathered up a handful of articles behind the break that offer a look at dev blogs, interviews, and even our own super-secret tests of customer service. Click on the link, mateys, and get ta readin' while Flying Lab finishes patchin' the servers against Davy Jones' evil.

Flying Lab answers six questions about Pirates of the Burning Sea
We reached out to Declan O'Connell, the head of the Design Department at Flying Lab, for answers to some quick queries. If you're curious for more about the future plans for its free-to-play MMOG, this is a great starting point.
Flying Lab details Pirates of the Burning Sea F2P conversion
Flying Lab Software, makers of the Pirates of the Burning Sea historical naval MMORPG, recently decided it was time for the subscription-based business model to walk the plank. While Flying Lab CEO Russell Williams penned an introductory devlog breaking the news late last week, the piece was light on the details, setting the stage for a more in-depth look at the decision from a gameplay perspective.
Community Detective, Issue #9: Pirates of the Burning Sea
Yarr! Hmm, not really. YARRRRRRR! That's a little better. Ahoy, mateys. Talk Like a Pirate Day may be over, but that isn't stopping me from navigating the rough waters of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea for this week's issue of Community Detective. The game's a fair bit of fun, and since it recently joined the F2P bandwagon that all the cool kids are jumping on these days, it's likely to become more popular in the near future.
Pirates of the Burning Sea exchange shops detailed
We know what you're thinking, because it's the same thing we thought when we heard the words "exchange shop" uttered in concert with Pirates of the Burning Sea. Surprisingly, this isn't yet another free-to-play conversion announcement but rather a look at one of the new features sailing your way in the forthcoming Power and Prestige expansion.
Pirates of the Burning Sea dev blog details expansion graphical tweaks
Flying Lab Software is ramping up for the first expansion to its Pirates of the Burning Sea historical MMORPG, as the August launch of Power and Prestige is just around the corner. In a new blog on the official site, the developers talk about some of the graphical tweaks in store for ship captains everywhere, focusing in on the new avatar lighting system.
PotBS devs detail ship tuning, new expansion
Flying Lab Software, developers of the historical naval combat MMORPG known as Pirates of the Burning Sea, has released a new devblog detailing the ship-tuning options soon to be available in August's Power and Prestige expansion. The blog zeroes in on ship archetypes, including discussion about the considerable changes in store for scouts, warships, and merchants.
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