Softbank makes 16GB iPad WiFi + 3G free with two-year contract

An iPad for zilch on contract? Yessir... but only if you pack up and move to the Land of the Rising Sun. Softbank Mobile has just announced a new pricing plan that makes Apple's 16GB iPad WiFi + 3G model totally free with a two-year data agreement in Japan, and for those who recall it being "free" before, this situation is a bit different. You see, there's no built-in monthly surcharge for this one; rather than paying off your iPad over 24 months, you're actually getting it for nothing as long as you're kosher with forking out ¥4,725 ($56) per month for that 3G goodness. The deal starts on December 3rd, and we've got a strange, strange feeling that it'll do quite well if marketed correctly. And by "correctly," we mean "at all."

[Thanks, Ken]