Acer confirms plans for Windows Phone 7

We saw the briefest whisper of an indication a couple months ago, but now Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci has come out and said it: Acer's working on Windows Phone 7. In an interview with Ina Fried, Gianfranco touched briefly on the company's plans for Microsoft's new OS, after an ill-fated stint with Windows Mobile not so long ago. Naturally, the addition of Windows Phone 7 won't be coming at the expense of Acer's newfound love of Android, but Lanci oddly says he sees for WP7 "the same opportunity you can see on Android in terms of customization." We don't know what sort of customization he could be referring to, but we're trembling in anticipation. So, let's just tally them up: MeeGo, Chrome OS, Windows Phone 7, Android, and, of course, Windows itself... pretty nice collection you've got for yourself, Acer. What's next, BeOS?