Microsoft employee profile hints at possible Acer Windows Phone 7 device

Well, this is certainly curious. What you're looking at above is a snippet from the LinkedIn profile for a Microsoft Hardware Program Manager who seems to have not only worked on Windows Phone 7 devices from ASUS, LG and Samsung, but one from Acer as well -- the same Acer that's so far been out of the Windows Phone 7 mix. Just as curious is the fact that the device in question is the Acer M900, which actually started out life as a Windows Mobile phone before morphing into the Android-based InstintQ / Moment -- could another shift (or revision, perhaps) be in store? Of course, this is still far from an official confirmation, and it also simply mean that Acer had worked on a WP7 device but ultimately abandoned the idea. Either way, it would be the first time that a bit of Windows Phone 7 news leaked out on LinkedIn.