Metareview: Disney Epic Mickey

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Metareview: Disney Epic Mickey
Disney Epic Mickey has received no small amount of praise for receiving the kind of TLC rarely visited upon third-party Wii titles -- but did that attention actually translate over to, you know, becoming a good game? Or was that TLC simply wasted upon a mediocre platformer? More importantly, why do we find ourselves suddenly overwhelmed by a powerful urge to listen to "Waterfalls" on repeat?

You've heard our take on Junction Point's paint-splattered vision of Disney's timeless mascot; now let's see what the rest of the peanut gallery has to say:
  • GamesRadar (9/10): "It's a life-affirming tribute to both forgotten characters and game genres well worth remembering, with an all new added twist. And contrary to how it looks, there's a startling amount of maturity and replayability wrapped within this family-friendly package."
  • IGN (8/10): "Ultimately, the positive elements of Epic Mickey do manage to make this worth a shot. Going in with the proper level of expectation should manage to keep some of the WiiMote throwing to a minimum... just keep that wrist strap tight."
  • CVG (7.5/10): "Disney Epic Mickey, with its freeform nature and deep exploration, has plenty of appeal - and completists and adventure fans may even adore it. But its rough edges ultimately dampen its potential. If only it had been given an extra lick of paint..."
  • Game Informer (7/10): "Epic Mickey goes out of its way to show gamers Walt Disney's body of work, but rarely fires on a level that turns this beloved content into exciting gameplay."
  • Eurogamer (6/10): "Fundamentally, Epic Mickey misunderstands what people love about Mickey Mouse. He simply doesn't fit in this grim, post-modern dystopia, dripping with bitter-sweet nods to forgotten corners of Disney lore, nor does he need to confront his dark commercial heart to stay relevant in 2010."
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