Morrison chats about latest Age of Conan development update

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|12.01.10

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Morrison chats about latest Age of Conan development update

Age of Conan's Craig Morrison has taken to the official forums for his latest monthly development update. While the proposed tweaks and additions are interesting in their own right, the epic amounts of PvP-focused QQ in the 18-page (as of press time) comment thread following Morrison's post can also be a fun read, depending on your perspective.

As for the updates themselves, they include a summation of progress on the new Call of Jhebbal Sag PvP minigame, a Christmas (sorry, winter solstice) event that features new quests and rewards, and further content additions. This last bit looks to be considerable, and Morrison touches on new Pai-Kang 6-man dungeons, new tier four Jade Citadel raids, a level 80 solo instance designed as a daily quest, and two new solo dungeons that will scale between levels 40 and 80.

If it sounds like a lot of PvE, it is, hence the temper tantrums from the I'm-canceling-my-sub-no-really crowd. Morrison, as he often does, actually responds to a good number of the comments in detail, and it's worth a read if you're interested in Age of Conan's near future.
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