Playfish: Tougher for start-ups to get hold in Facebook

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|12.03.10

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Playfish: Tougher for start-ups to get hold in Facebook
If you, like us, are in the development stages of a cross-generational, cross-media Facebook game that combines user photos, restaurant reviews and adorable animals then back off or we'll sue you. But we'd also caution you to heed the warnings of Kristian Segerstrale, who runs EA-owned social developer Playfish. He says that it's difficult for new games to have the kind of explosive growth they enjoyed when Facebook first got into games.

The blame can largely be laid at the feet of Facebook policy changes that prohibit games from pushing status updates to the walls of non-players, making advertising and recognizable brands more important than ever. "Companies without franchises will be in an increasingly precarious position," Segerstrale told Develop. "If on the one hand you have Harry Potter and on the other you have 'The Wizard Adventure,' consumers will choose the one they recognise."

... Great, now Playfish has stolen our game's name. You can all expect to hear from our lawyers.

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