Polaroid's CES 2011 teaser hints at instant photography's rebirth

Technically speaking, Polaroid returned to instant photography earlier this year with the introduction of the 300, but we all know that thing was forgotten as soon as it was revealed. The famed camera outfit -- despite being a shell of its former self -- just dropped a luscious teaser into our inbox to let us know about an exclusive event it'll be hosting at CES 2011 next month. The image you see above is severely distorted, but we did so to give you a better idea of what's truly to come -- unless that's an outrageously shaped projector, we're guessing it's some sort of next generation instant camera. The slot on the bottom definitely helped push us over the edge, but if you'd rather cover the whole thing in mystique and guess for yourself, the un-doctored (er, unmutilated) teaser is just after the break. Oh, and we'll be bringing you the blow-by-blow on what this thing really is on January 6th, hopefully with Outkast blaring in the background.