iFan concept uses gusts to power your iPhone, solve lingering reception issues

Still haven't found that case you've been looking for? At last, the promise land. Designer Tjeerd Veenhoven has crafted a partly nifty, partly hilarious new wind-powered iPhone charger / case, appropriately dubbed iFan. In theory, at least, this here case would wrap your iPhone up for protection and then catch wind gusts from wherever, in turn rejuvenating your phone as you talked and walked. There's even a bicycle attachment mockup for those who'd rather place it on their handlebars and kick things up a notch. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether the process can be reversed (i.e. if the blades can be turned into a battery-powered cooling machine when you're at full capacity), nor a hard on-sale date. But hey, at least there's no jailbreak requirement.

[Thanks, Man Yong Toh]