Apple's iPhone 4 (legitimately) on sale for the first time: $50 off at Radio Shack

Missed out on Black Friday? Good on you. Now, still in the market for an iPhone 4? If so, you should probably point your vehicle to the nearest Radio Shack, STAT. For the first time since going on sale in June, Apple's iPhone 4 is legitimately on sale from a retailer that actually exists and won't sell your personal information to some goon in an offshore paradise you've never heard of. (No, Walmart's $2 savings doesn't count.) We're told that the $50-off sale is being done to ramp up awareness surrounding Radio Shack's (admittedly low-key) wireless business, and if we had to guess, we'd say it'll probably work to perfection. Ever since the handset began shipping this summer, the going rate was $199 (on contract) for the 16GB model or $299 (also on contract) for the 32GB flavor; this deal hacks $50 from each, and there's even an 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49 if you're looking to take things even lower. Better still, The Shack's offering a $75 trade-in credit on any functional / non-cracked iPhone 3G as well as $125 for a 3GS in like condition, meaning that you could walk in today, hand over your 3GS, and walk out with an iPhone 4 for $25 (plus activation fees). Naturally, the deal's only available in brick-and-mortar locations (read: not online), and the fun comes to a close on December 11th. So, who's in?

[Thanks, Anonymous]