Point Inside is another worthwhile holiday shopping and travel tool

Mel Martin
M. Martin|12.05.10

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Point Inside is another worthwhile holiday shopping and travel tool

We recently looked at GateGuru, a handy tool to help you navigate around airports. Now I want to point out another good free travel tool, Point Inside, which combines mall maps and info on nearby stores. A new update also allows you to create a wish list. Select a store, and scan an item that you want on your list. The item will be added, and you can share your list on Facebook.

The app produces nice airport maps with lists of stores, ATMs, location of baggage carousels, and parking locations. If you tap on a retail location at either an airport or a mall you'll get a phone number and a description of what they sell.

There are a few negatives. Like GateGuru it doesn't have a complete list of airports in smaller towns. It also drops quite a lot of malls in my area, even some big outlet malls. Searching around the country showed the same issue. Some malls that have been long out of business are listed, while many current malls simply aren't there. The wish list is also a bit odd. You should be able to mail those lists, not just post them on Facebook.

Point Inside is still a handy tool. It's worth adding to your iPhone if you plan to travel or if you expect to spend some time in bigger malls where you aren't familiar with the layout.


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