Thrustmaster teases T500RS steering wheel, the new official peripheral for Gran Turismo

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|12.05.10

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GT5 is finally, finally out, but amazingly it seems to have beaten its official steering wheel to market. For a long time Logitech has maintained the honor of building the wheel that carried Gran Turismo branding, and indeed its Driving Force GT is still the first wheel in the GT5 options. But, Thrustmaster seems to have secured the license for the franchise now and is building a wheel called the T500RS which, if you go, you can get a quick peek of -- or you can just look at the screengrab above. The wheel promises unrivaled accuracy and what looks to be the same sort of magnetic sensor technology used in the company's overwhelmingly beefy HOTAS Warthog controller. Rumors say it'll carry a similar price, too, a whopping $500 MSRP without the optional H-pattern shifter and, though our attempts to confirm anything were shooed away like so many fruitflies, we've been promised more info to come at CES.
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