Monitor your baby from anywhere with the WiFi Baby 3G

David Winograd
D. Winograd|12.06.10

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David Winograd
December 6, 2010 8:30 PM
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Monitor your baby from anywhere with the WiFi Baby 3G
My daughter is about four weeks away from having a baby, so I am really interested in the WiFi Baby 3G ($US 279.00). This Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor can let you see and hear your baby on any Mac or PC. Just plug it in, and any browser will let you check in from anywhere whenever you'd like. The device, manufactured by Y-Cam and created by a small husband and wife startup to watch their own baby, can display HD quality color video and audio during the day, and thanks to its array of (infrared, we assume) lights that turn on when it's dark, it shows you black and white video at night using night-vision technology.

The WiFi Baby 3G is part computer and part webcam since it stands alone and doesn't, as most other solutions, require you to plug a webcam into a computer. Although expensive, it's quite ingenious. Some of its features include:
  • the ability to record video or still pictures
  • the ability to send email alerts or send alarms to a mobile device
  • if the built-in motion detector is triggered, an automatic light sensor that will adjust the light array to the light conditions of the baby's room
  • and of course, the ability to work both on Wi-Fi and 3G networks
There are two options to monitor your baby from a mobile device. The cheapest (free) is also made by Y-Cam, and it's called the Y-Cam MultiLive iP Camera Viewer. The limitations here are that this app doesn't supply audio, and it's a non-universal app without native iPad capability. The better option, according to the manufacturers of the WiFi Baby 3G, is the Baby Monitor HD ($9.99), a universal app that does transmit audio. To save battery life on your mobile device, this app gives you the option of turning off the video stream. There are also mobile solutions available for the Android. The WiFi Baby 3G is available in either black or white. Take a look at it in action by clicking below.

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