Deck the halls with Coralax costumes in City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.09.10

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Deck the halls with Coralax costumes in City of Heroes
At one point in development, the Coralax were going to be the new epic archetype for the villainous crowd in City of Heroes. Now, they're just another low-level villain group with some memorable looks to them. But for the next twelve days, they can be something more -- namely, they can be your new clothing. No, you aren't getting missions to skin the Coralax and wear what's left as a hat. The Paragon Studios team is taking the opportunity to give away the never-before-seen costume code for the aquatic humanoids via social networking through December 23rd, skipping the weekends.

While similar giveaways have happened in the past, they've always been with costume codes from a recent convention. The Coralax costume is totally new and unprecedented, and that means whoever snags one owns a unique part of the game's history. Since the team won't be announcing where the codes will be dropped next, it's up to players to keep a close eye on Twitter, Facebook, and the forums to try and snag a code in time. Good luck to City of Heroes players eager for the new costume, because nothing says the leadup to the holiday season like a mad dash for something everyone wants.
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