Third Final Fantasy XIV notorious monster previewed

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.09.10

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Third Final Fantasy XIV notorious monster previewed
Zanig'oh is a monster. Not really by his own decision, as he was bred to be a biological weapon, further augmented by alchemical arts and powerful warding runes etched into his scales. But as far as Final Fantasy XIV players will be concerned, he's still the sort of monster that needs to be put down as fast as possible. After all, he's the third notorious monster previewed by the development team, and he drops the runestones that are already known to be the key to powerful armor sets. That means it's drake-hunting season once the December update arrives.

This newest preview also contains the third set available from the allagan runestones, with this set suited toward the more lightly-armored disciples of war. With a strong pirate theme, the set is heavy on evasion, thus making it ideal for players who prefer a more nimble playstyle. We're also promised further previews of the non-levequest notorious monsters, something that should entice Final Fantasy XIV players with the prospect of more rewards and challenges in the wilds of Eorzea. After drake-hunting season is over, anyway.
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