Cobra iPhone radar detector useful for dodging tickets, driving recklessly

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Cobra iPhone radar detector useful for dodging tickets, driving recklessly

Your iPhone or iPod touch can handle a lot of tasks in your car. We use them as GPS navigators, MP3 players, and as a way to keep the kids from killing each other in the back seat. Now Cobra, that long-time creator of automobile radar detectors, has come up with a very useful device and app that might keep you from getting your driver's license revoked.

Cobra iRadar (US$169.95) uses Bluetooth to link an iOS app running on an iPhone or iPod touch and an iRadar detector unit. The app alerts drivers to speed and red light cameras, speed traps, and intersections with a history of accidents. Visual alerts show up on the iPhone, noting the type of radar or laser being used to track your speed. From the app, drivers can also control the settings on the radar detector.

Cobra touts the iRadar as the "most user-friendly detector device ever created," and the iOS interface seems intuitive to use. The iRadar could be the perfect Christmas gift for the iPhone-toting leadfoot in your family.

Please note that radar detector use may not be legal in some jurisdictions. TUAW reminds all our readers to always avoid distractions, focus on the road and drive prudently and safely.

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