ITV and Channel 4 on demand coming to PS3s in the UK this week

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ITV and Channel 4 on demand coming to PS3s in the UK this week
After long last, British television services ITV and Channel 4 are coming to PlayStation 3 in the UK this week. The BBC's iPlayer service launched on the console a little while back (first unofficially and then officially), but this new development brings some of Britain's most popular on-demand content, including shows Coronation Street and The Inbetweeners (both of which many US readers have probably never heard of), to Sony's console.

Channel 4 tells the Guardian that it is "not saying no" to a similar deal with Microsoft for the Xbox 360, but that the other console company isn't seeking out a deal either. And the Wii is a no-go, apparently, because the platform can't offer advertising options. Both services should, however, launch on the PS3 for free to UK users sometime this week. If you're jealous of the UK's extra video content, US viewers, just head on over to Hulu and imagine what life would be like if every video you hit play on just told you it was "not available in your region." Yeah. Let them have their fun.

Update: A previous version of this post stated that the BBC owned ITV and Channel 4, but they are actually competing public television services in Britain. Sorry for the confusion.
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