Dell Venue Pro apparently delayed again, targeting January now (update: Dell 'looking into' delays)

We'd been following this story for a few days and holding off on calling it a delay since even the quickest orders weren't expected to arrive in owners' hands until today, but would-be Venue Pro owners now seem to be getting emails directly from Dell that their orders have been officially delayed until early January. The reason for the delay is anybody's guess, but it's an open secret that Dell's been having quality control issues on the Venue Pro through its ODM, Qisda -- and we've already seen issues with WiFi (allegedly a software issue alone), mislabeled batteries, and SIM card registration in the field. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that some miracle gets the early orders delivered sooner than 2011, because seriously, we can think of a few nerds that would love one of these bad boys in their stockings this year. Launch bugs are a serious bummer, aren't they?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: We've just gotten an official statement from Dell on the matter -- it doesn't really clarify anything, but at least they're acknowledging the situation:

"Dell continually monitors its manufacturing and supply for all its products. We are looking in to potential ship date changes and will issue an update as soon as it's available."