Dell confirms protected WiFi problems, mislabeled batteries on the three Venue Pros sold so far

If you detected a hint of anger in our headline, please forgive us, but we're sure many of you are going through the same rollercoaster of emotions -- after all, Dell's lovely portrait QWERTY Venue Pro has only been sold in ridiculously limited quantities through Microsoft's seven retail stores so far, making them virtually impossible to buy for most of us. Anyhow, in the event you were lucky enough to get one, you'll be pleased to know that Dell is aware of the problems you might be having connecting to secure WiFi networks, and the next batch won't be afflicted -- which might explain why they haven't offered a steady stream of devices through the stores this week. They also mention it's a "software glitch," but there's no mention of timing on an update for phones in the field.

There's also been a problem with batteries on these inaugural devices being labeled as "engineering samples," apparently, but Dell assures that they're production-quality cells that have simply been mislabeled. They say that customers wanting an exchange either for the WiFi issue or the mislabeled battery can get one at their local store "beginning at the end of next week," so we'd take that to mean there won't be any stock filtering in for anyone until then. Patience continues to be a virtue we don't believe in.