Dell: 'Venue Pros are being reworked in the factories,' ship schedule unclear

The Venue Pro delay situation certainly isn't getting any clearer with Dell's latest update on its support forums, but we know this much for sure: the new kid on the smartphone block still has a few things to learn about shipping handsets. A post from a Dell moderator says the company is working directly with Microsoft to draft a battle plan and that current Venue Pro owners (those that got their devices early on from Microsoft stores, that is) "might require another hardware swap" to get their issues solved. The rep says that she's hearing that some orders could still potentially ship this week, but she doesn't know which ones, and that affected customers are welcome to cancel their orders if they wish. So yeah, kind of a good news / bad news situation there. We're still clinging to hope that we'll see these things on the streets before the end of 2010, but it certainly seems like an iffy proposition at this point.

[Thanks, @steveymacjr]

Update: Dell's posted a new blog entry on the matter, too, though it's not much help -- basically, you could get your phone before January 6th, but it's anyone's guess. They're promising to keep people abreast of the situation as it develops.