NOVA 2 evolving mobile combat on Dec. 16

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NOVA 2 evolving mobile combat on Dec. 16
Things we learned this morning from GameLoft:

  1. NOVA 2, a sequel to last year's iPhone FPS NOVA, will be released on the iTunes App Store on December 16 (that's this Thursday), in case you don't have your 2010 Halo Clones novelty calendar handy.
  2. "NOVA" is an acronym that stands for "Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance" (which is totally different from an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper or the First Encounter Assault Recon folks).
The game was also given a fully featured trailer (found after the break), with everything from vehicle combat to landspeeder chases. If it doesn't prove to you that these dudes are totally vanguards, we're not sure if anything will.

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