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Google TV gets a major update with new Netflix, movable Dual View, Android remote app support

Google TV gets a major update with new Netflix, movable Dual View, Android remote app support
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|December 15, 2010 11:44 AM
The first update for the Google TV platform since its release is now available on Logitech and Sony devices, and takes major strides towards addressing issues we pointed out in our review. The antiquated Netflix app is now sporting a new HTML5 based UI that resembles the one seen on the PlayStation 3, while Dual View has addressed one of our biggest complaints by allowing users to move and resize the video window at will. Another major upgrade is support for an Android remote app arriving today with iPhone version "coming soon." The last major update should be appreciated by Kevin Bacon stalkers enthusiasts with a new info page for movies that pulls in plenty of relevant information and availability online and from the listings all on one page. Our Sony Google TV had the 218 MB update downloaded and ready to install when we turned it on that also promised a few other updates on top of Google's as seen above. We'll check back in a moment to see how things are working -- no word from Google yet on any progress breaking down the walls networks have put up around their streaming content -- peep the updated Dual View and a video of the new remote control app after the break.

Update: The Google TV Remote for Android is now available in the Market, click this link from your Android device to download or snag the QR code after the break.

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