Finally, a Kinect smothered in Swarovski crystals

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Richard Mitchell
December 16th, 2010
In this article: Kinect, microsoft, swarovski, xbox
We understand. You work hard every day. You do your best. You like to come home, take off your crystal-coated cardigan, slip out of your crystal-laden loafers and fall back into your favorite crystal-encrusted chair and relax. But something is out of place, isn't it? Standing in the middle of your blindingly bright, crystal-enveloped home entertainment center is that plain, normal, hideous black Kinect.

Look, we've all been there, but you don't have to stand for it anymore! Now, thanks to DS Styles, a sparkling Kinect covered with over 5,000 genuine Swarovski crystals can be yours for only $631. See what your new and improved life will look like after the break.

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