New iMac and MacBook Pros coming in 2011?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|12.16.10

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We know, it's shocking, but some people think that Apple might actually introduce some new home and mobile computers next year. DigiTimes is reporting that MacBook Pro and iMac refreshes are coming, the latter specifically getting "a new panel size and a price point for the mainstream market." That certainly screams "smaller" and "cheaper" to us, but don't let us rain on your desktop-crushing, 55-inch all-in-one dreams. Regarding the MacBook Pro rumor, there are said to be four or more revised models arriving with "a slight change in chassis design" and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion onboard. Both sets of revisions are said to be due sometime in the first half of next year, which won't be "next" for very long at all.
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