Palm's tablet is codenamed 'Topaz,' keyboard accessory leaks out

Okay, it's not exactly the new webOS hardware we've been waiting for, but we just got this shot of a Palm Bluetooth keyboard from a trusted source -- we're told it's an accessory for Palm's upcoming tablet, which is codenamed "Topaz." Interestingly, we're told the keyboard features a Windows key in addition to some webOS-specific keys -- we'd guess that HP will sell it for general use as well. As for the Topaz tablet, it's said to be extremely slick, with no hard buttons on the front and a design that echoes the design of the keyboard -- we're told it's due out in the first half of 2011, which matches up with what we've heard from Palm.

We're also told Palm's planning a low-end teen phone that's something like a Pre with no keyboard -- it's codenamed "Castle," (just like the original Pre and Pixi) and due to hit Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. That seems like a likely followup to the Pixi, but what we're really anxious for is some news on a new high-end phone and the Topaz tablet -- we'll keep digging and let you know.